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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Why Empathy-Driven Marketing Works in a Changing Healthcare Marketplace

Karin E. Bauer and Teresa Diehl | VP, Client Services and Associate Creative Director

SGK Health

How can you win empowered healthcare customers? Learn how to tap into emotional motivators to create meaningful connections between products & services and consumers.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
- How the healthcare landscape is rapidly changing
- How consumer expectations are changing with brands they encounter
- How a leading empathy-driven marketer is increasing membership of a large healthcare organization to 20 million by 2020
## About the Presenter: ##
Healthcare is an empathy-driven industry. But changes in healthcare information gathering and sharing across systems have created a disconnect between quantity and quality of care. How can branding and marketing consultants help healthcare clients shift to a more value-based, consumer-centric model? Join SGK Health’s Karin E. Bauer, VP, client services and Teresa Diehl, associate creative director, as they discuss one methodology for creating this emotional connection rooted in strategy and brought to life through the right blend of thoughtful deduction, intuitive ideation and attention to detail.


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