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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Private brands: To Compare To or Not To Compare To

Carol Best | VP of Brand Strategy


Private brands have experienced record growth in the past decade. But with less room to expand and with push-back from national brands, private brands now face a crucial decision. Should they position themselves as direct alternatives to national brand products? Take a more category-led approach? Or take a brand-centric approach?

Schawk's Retail Practice private brand expert Carol Best will explain that the right methodology is multi-faceted. It considers corporate, portfolio and executional strategies, and it takes into account brand equities, category dynamics and consumer acceptance.

Learn how to make the right strategic decision, activate against it and account for risks.
## About the Presenter: ##
Carol Best has studied the evolution of private brands worldwide and counsels Anthem Worldwide and Schawk’s Retail Practice clients on private label strategies. Her Live Session expands on a topic she recently presented at FMI 2012.

Best also presented the November 2011 BrandSquare Live Session Why Private Brands Are Un-American: And What You Can Do About It, one of the most-watched Live Sessions on BrandSquare and YouTube.


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