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Thursday, October 23, 2014

CPG Mega-Trends Influencing Pharma Brands

Bruce Levinson | Vice President of Client Engagement


In this Live Session, Bruce Levinson, Vice President of Client Engagement at SGK, offers an in-depth study of six key trends in the CPG industry, and explains what these trends mean for how pharmaceutical brands are managed and marketed.
## About the Presenter: ##
Bruce is a passionate architect of brand strategy, collaborating with clients to define distinct and compelling selling propositions. As Vice President, Client Engagement at SGK, he is responsible for translating client needs into solutions that drive their brand performance. Bruce has over 20 years of blue-chip CPG marketing experience. Bruce joined SGK from Unilever, where he held the position of Brand Development Director, NA Skin Care. Prior to that he was global Brand Building Director at Unilever’s Marketing Academy in London, where he created step-change improvements in marketing capabilities across their international markets via a blended-learning training curriculum and global process initiatives.


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