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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Creating Millennial Brand Engagement: Brand new marketing models and increasing your future profits

Jeff Fromm | President


The largest and most influential generation of consumers ever - Millennials - are no longer an unreachable audience. While some companies fear the unknown of the “innovation generation,” the real winners are those who engage and interact with today’s Millennial Mindset® consumers — consumers who are hyper-connected, content-consuming and more likely to listen to their peers than traditional forms of marketing. This educational presentation will challenge participants to unlearn and reimagine what they thought they knew about the millennial generation.
## About the Presenter: ##
Although not a millennial as defined by his age, Jeff Fromm is the Millennial Marketing Guy™. Jeff has over 25 years of marketing consulting experience across dozens of brands ranging from Build-a-Bear Workshop to Whole Foods. Jeff is the President of FutureCast, a marketing consultancy that specializes in millennial trends, is a contributing writer at Forbes.com, and has published numerous research reports and books on the millennial consumer. Jeff is a frequent speaker on marketing, consumer trends, and innovation.


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