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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Turn FLMA into Your Competitive Advantage

Bruce Levinson | VP of Client Engagement


Consumers want better, more transparent labeling, and the brands that capitalize on this can turn the nutrition label update into a competitive advantage.
FLMA presents brands with a unique opportunity to get ahead of the competition. Bruce Levinson, VP of Client Engagement at SGK, will outline five steps to turn the nutrition label update into a competitive advantage for your brand.
## About the Presenter: ##
Bruce Levinson is Vice President, Client Engagement at SGK, a leading brand development, activation, and deployment provider that drives brand performance. Bruce is a passionate architect of brand strategy and is highly experienced in translating consumer insights and client needs. His experience helps clients meet market and regulatory demands while driving brand initiatives domestically and internationally. His previous positions include director-level marketing roles at Unilever in the US and UK, and as an advertising account executive.


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